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Swiss site Peach Patronen helps customers to cut their printing costs in half

Since 2007, Beat Hochheuser’s site Peach Patronen has been saving customers up to 50% on their printing costs. He sells Peach ink and toner cartridges, which are compatible with all common makes of printer. “My average customer is likely to be sitting at their computer when their printer tells them it’s out of ink,” says Beat. “So I do all of my marketing online. Around 90% of my new customers come to me via the Internet, and I use AdWords for all my advertising and monitor the results using Analytics. The results of my campaigns are instantly visible on the screen, which helps me to make decisions and fine-tune my advertising. One in every six clicks results in an order.” Beat also uses YouTube for videos that show how his products work, and Google Alerts to ensure he doesn’t miss any developments in the market. All this makes him one of Switzerland’s most successful dealers in Peach products.

One in every six clicks results in an order.

Beat Hochheuser, Owner and Director,